Spring Creeking in Austria

Last weekend was a very really good one. It turned out to be much different than planned, but maybe this was not a bad thing...

We had planned to film for a little kayak film project we want to do, but due to some organizational difficulties and bad weather all plans for filming where thrown overboard and we just went kayaking.

To make it short - five runs in two days, three of them where personal firsts for some of us - all with perfect waterlevels... Couldn't have been much better. (Maybe a little warmer)

Thanks to Sandra Jennifer for the additional photos - Very appreciated!

Anyways, enough words! Here are the pictures...

Kummerbrücke on the Enns - Photo: Sandra Jennifer

 same drop, same boof - Photo: Sandra Jennifer

Checking levels and rainfall is so much easier nowadays ;)

Robert Machacek probes the Zinkenbach waterfall. The pool is often filled up with gravel. Right now it's clean - such a nice drop!

Harald enjoying some free flight

Photo: Sandra Jennifer
Old man Lorenz Holzer also styling it

Reiner - same drop

Photo: Sandra Jennifer
Photo: Sandra Jennifer

Andreas Stockinger on another great run in the area. This on is a bandit run - no more information possible...

Reiner cleans one of the many good drops. 

On the way back home we took a quick look at Untertalbach, but it was still quite low, and there is a new tree in one of the tight spots. We left it for the next time (now saw, no harness) and headed home.

Thanks for the support to Liquidlogic Kayaks, Alpin Action, Sweet Protection, Kokatat and Hf Safety

Cheers, Harald