- Corsica Video -

Alex Keller made a nice video about his Corsica trip. He is really a nice guy and since last year he started his own little kayak school. Take a look at www.creeking.ch!!

Anyway - This is the Video!

Later. H.G.
- Back from Corsica -

Last weekend we came home after spending 10 days at the island of beauty, and as always it's been a great time! Although the water levels of the rivers were extremely low most of the rivers were still runnable. We also did some nice mountain bike runs and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


I didn't take my camera with me on the first river I ran. The weather wasn't that good. Actually I don't have any pictures of the first river and the first two mountain bike tours....
Anyway, I was glad to meet Alex Keller and some other people I knew at the kayak session festival at the Tavignano. Now I had a group of paddlers I could join to do some runs.

Col de Bavella - awesome place!

We decided to run the Codi and the upper and middle Rizzanese in the next two days. This was really important because next year those rivers may be gone due to the dam that is build near the confluence of the two rivers. The levels were very low, but it was fun anyway. Sadly the weather was bad on the second day. So there are hardly any pictures of the Rizzanese.

Dam site.

Getting ready to run the Rizzanese. - Lots of gear and people stuffed in one car!!

Dam site again from river-level. This used to be a beautiful slide - California style - The just blew it to pieces...

The only picture I took on the river... Later it started to rain and we tried to finish of the long run.

Alex doing something with ninja - style...

James Weir running a nice slide of the Travo.

We decided to visit Bonifacio - a nice little town standing at the edge of sandstone - cliffs.

After that we headed up north again doing some Mountain biking, but no kayaking. The water - levels were too low at the creeks in the northwest of the island.

The last river of the Trip was the upper Golo at extremely low water.

A last view of Corte before we left to catch the ferry back to Livorno.

This has been another awesome vacation in Corsica. I'll be back next year for sure.

Later. H.G.
 - Concert in June - 

 We (Harvest of the Fall) have a gig in June. Everybody MUST come and party... ;)


Now I'm off to Corsica!!!

Later, H.G.
- Corsica again - 


Yesterday I got some great news... I finally got my "Pickerl" for my car after I had to replace some parts of it. So I won't be without a vehicle until may 2011!!!   - Except it dies on me until then.
Anyway, we are going to Corsica yet again on Tuesday for 10 days. I'm really looking forward to this trip because it's the first time for Hannah to visit this beautiful island to do some kayaking and biking.
I'm going to upload photos as soon as I get back in about 2 weeks from now.

This one is a little appetizer from last years Corsica holiday.

later, H.G.