Spring trip part two - Graubünden

After successful missions in Allgäu we continued on to Graubünden. On the list were creeks like Averser Rhein, Somvixer Rhein, Glenner, Medelser Rhein and so on.

Our first stop was the lower section of Averser Rhein. Unfortunately Reiner hurt himself on one of the bigger drops on this run. After running another mandatory drop in the following gorge his pain got much worse and he decided to climb out of the gorge. The rest of the group continued on. We ran another must run drop, only to find yourselves locked in above the last drop without a possibility to scout. This drop is visible from the bridge near the take out and and we had only taken a quick look before driving up. On riverlevel this drop turned out much bigger than we had believed. Luckily Hannah was on the bridge and realized that we were in some kind of trouble. Many thanks to her for scouting for us and telling us the safe line! Before dropping into the last gorge check out the drop and the level of the lake below because this last drop could get really troublesome, if the lake is even lower!

Reiner on the way to a broken body

The last gorge of the Averser Rhein contains some nice mandatory drops. This is one of them.

Andreas Scherb on the same one
No pictures of the last drop because we were in mission solving mode to get Reiner's boat and himself out of the gorge and stress was high while dealing with the "unknown mandatory drop" above the lake. But here's a still of Robert's gopro to give an idea:

Reiner's pain was pretty bad after the run. He decided to throw in some painkillers and make the drive home the next day. The rest of the group continued on to Medelser Rhein. Levels were low here, so we went for the lower section again. This one contains quite an interesting must run double drop. Sadly we weren't able to snap any pictures of this one, because we ran it together for safety reasons.

Painkillers taste better with Nutella (and beer)

Graubünden is not a ugly place!
After the run we did checked the weather online and realized that our original plan to stay in Graubünden for a while and move back to Austria for some runs around Vorarlberg and Tirol might not be a good one. The forecast predicted very cold weather and snow down to 1000 meters in Austria and northern Switzerland. The south looked much better, so we hit the road and made our way to Ticino.

On the way to Ticino I checked out the Reuss.
This one is really a spectacle at roughly 10 times of the runnable flow

Later, H.G.