- Final degree -

I'm happy to announce that today I finished my studies in architecture in Graz - Austria. Here's a little overview of my final project - a multi propose arena in Graz.

This Friday I'm off to Norway for three weeks. I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time!

Later, H.G.

- Piemont 2011 -

 After driving nine hours to Ivrea, Italy on Friday, we unexpectedly found the local rivers flooded. It had rained heavily for the last 48 hours. Because of that we had to change plans. All the classic sections were too high to run. Instead we went "river-wanking" - a styrian term for driving up valleys and looking into unknown creeks. ( At least unknown to us...)

After meeting up with the rest of the group (Reiner picked up our new Riot kayaks two days earlier) we drove a little south. We found a juicy but runnable stretch on the upper Germanasca southwest of Turino after deciding that the Chiusella was way to high. I didn't make any pictures since it was still raining and we didn't stop a lot after scouting the whole stretch before running it.

"Riverwanking" has to be planned - The group is searching for possible drainages to run

Afterwards we drove up to the Soana river to spend a rainy night up in the valley. The next day the Soana was extremely high with an estimated flow of over 100m³ at the put in. - "Riverwanking" again!!

Finally we decided to take a look at the Orco river which is damed and normally doesn't go. This might have been the best decision of the trip. The Orco offers a 10km long section class 4-5, but only when all the other rivers are very high.

The Soana river flowing at about 100m³ - Way to much

Reiner Glanz running an awesome slide - Orco river

Robert Machacek - same drop

David Krismayr aka DangerDave showing the best line of the day

Me running the same drop and enjoying the first sun rays of the trip. - Photo: Reiner Glanz

Being stoked - Photo: Reiner Glanz

After 3 days of steady thunderstorms every couple hours the rain finally took a break allowing the swollen creeks to  fall to reasonable levels. That way we could quickly run the Chiusella before driving back home on Tuesday.

Robert Machacek running the big drop of the Chiusella - Photo: Reiner Glanz

Robert Machacek - Chiusella - Photo: Reiner Glanz

Bombing through some holes - Photo: Reiner Glanz

Chiusella - last slide of the trip - Photo: Reiner Glanz

Lorenz Holzer going new-school with old-school gear

Although the trip was only 4 days long and we could run only one classic in the area it proved to be a awesome experience. Can't wait to get back there next year.

Later, H.G.