- university work - hyperactive high rise-

it's been a while since i have posted anything... I just had way to many things to finish for university. But yesterday I could finish of my biggest project of this semester. It was about designing a high-rise building in vienna that uses different design ideas to produce it's needed energy. The goal was a positive energy building, that produces more energy than it needs. Basically a power plant ;) . Additional tasks where usage neutrality, smart usage of different energy resources and the improvement of the existing urban landscape. That's way to many tasks for one semester, so people struggled to finish there projects. I almost wasn't able to finish it either because of my bad time management. ;)

I'm not going to  get into details about my project, but this is my main design concept.
Since there is quite a lot of wind in vienna I wanted to work with that to power the ventilation of the building and to produce electricity. The high rise is designed to do those things at all three different main wind directions on site. It's a lightweight steel construction (which has more embodied energy than concrete but can be recycled and reused). I added thermal mass with activated water tanks in the ceilings.

All the details about the project are on the posters!



Later; H.G.
band recordings

during the holidays my band decided it was time to record some of the newer stuff... We just want to know how they sound like, so we don't need professional recordings. We didn't go to a studio - we recorded in our rehearsal room.

The mix isn't finished yet, but I took some pictures.... This was the second time i used my new wide-angle lens. It is a lot of fun, but makes faces look stupid. ;)