From Balkan with love

Croatia is most famous for its beautiful coastline and islands. Not so much as a kayaking destination. A fact, that if you like waterfalls, should be changed. Rainfalls provided us with good levels this January so Branimir invited Robert and myself to show us the most beautiful rivers his country has to offer. And the best Cevapi of corse....

Branimir on the Krupa river...

                                 the crew scouting and Robert testing if its deep, which it was not ;                                
Branimir Belincic

Goranko enjoys the winter colours
the last drop of Krupa river, you can run these two hiking up from Zrmanja

Home, Sweet Home - Soca at 120m3 RAW

This summer was dedicated to our newborn son, so kayaking wasn`t on top of my priority list. So when we went down Soca cateract at this level I was a little nervous. As you can see in this footage little mistakes could possibly turn out pretty bad on high water flows. Thankfully the holes didn`t totally mess me up and spit me out into the right direction. After whatching some RAW mountainbike clips I thought maybe, especially on POV footage, this could be nice for kayaking too, enjoy!

#OISis70cm3 - Soca cateract at 100cubic

Soca valley is always beautiful, but for us gets exceptionally great after rainfalls. Follow us on soca cateract gorge at approx. 100cm3, a level where this classic class 5 run of the alps becomes a whole different beast...

Home, Sweet Home - "Rain on Snow"

As part of the Home, Sweet Home series this movie shows the Ötscherbach, a small creek that flows through an impressive gorge at the eastern end of the alps. As this area is usually very dry this river needs snow or rain or preferably both to have good flows. But when it rains on snow be ready for raising levels and a fast flowing current that is hard to stop in and dangerous if avalanches or wood block the way.

enjoy, re