Shredding the Fjell

This summer we spend some time up north kayaking and mountainbiking in Norway and Sweden. Lots of rain and low temperatures made conditions for biking less optimal but nevertheless we enjoyed the trails in Are, Oppdal and Hafjell.

more rain on our way back south, Dovrefjell

the last push up, Oppdal, Vattahaugan
Lausi enjoying the view down Hovden and myself shredding down into the Drivadalen
Biking around Oppdal seems to be kind of different from home, since there are allmost no roads up the mountains, so you have to ride or push your bike up most of the trails. Around Oppdal there are several skiing areas that make the exeption to the rule and have some roads (and a gondola) to ride uphill.

typical weatherconditions
nicely built trails down Rauhovdin
Rauhovdin with beautiful views into Trollheimen and the Gjevillvatnet
Lea attacking the attacking flies

If you are interested in mountainbiking around Oppdal, there is a nice guidebook by some locals. You can get it at Vertical Playground in Oppdal (

The local community puts lots of work in maintance and building of new trails. So buying the book is a good way of supporting the work. There is also the possibility of shuttling some of the trails and using the gondola up Hovden eventhough the official bikepark there and in Vangsalia has been closed. 

Camping in Drivadalen
Vangsalia resting
Gypsy Camp in Hafjell

So for us Norway is a long ways to go and probably not a first hand biking destination, but if you make your way up, its for sure worth to bring your gear. Among others the areas around Oppdal and Romsdalen have very nice trails and the bikeparks of Hafjell and Are are very well worth a visit. 

So now: Let the snow fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers, Re