Easter Sessions - Corse 2016

Like almost every spring we did a trip to one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and that keeps pulling me back - Corsica. This island inbetween Italy and France is very unique, with rugged mountains and beautiful beaches, sweet wines and marone-cream. Water in the rivers is not always a given thing, but every now and then we find good flows in the little creeks that flow through the deep valleys.
Like last year we found good flows on Fium Orbo and were able to run all four drops of the upper gorge, which wasn`t quite usual until the last years.

First drop - be careful to avoid the pocket on the right

The famous Rocket-Drop, this drop is one of the most photographed on the island and has been run since the early days

The entrance to the third drop, hard to get good pics since the river bends ninety degrees for the next little fall

This is last drop of the minigorge, hard to set safety and kind of intimidating inbetween walls

We also found good flows on the Travo, there is a new slide that washed out over the last years and was runable but rocky last year and very clean this year.

This was the first year we brought our skis and although low snowhights below 1400m had a great time on our first skitour in the Restonica Valley.

The Restonica valley in the back
First look on our goal for the day

Bringing your skis (and crampoons) definitly makes sence if you like getting up early to spend some quality time in the mountains. Pretty special to see ocean on both sides of the island from the top.

Monte Cinto in the back - highest peak in Corsica at 2706m
our way down

Lealausi enjoying the ride

So like almost every year we had a great time on the Isle de Beaute, and encourage everybody to go and visit one of the most special places I know.

Cheers and a happy spring to everybody! Stay save and let the rivers flow!