- Tauplitz freeriding video -

Here's a short freeriding clip made with a hd hero camera. The weather was kind of shitty, but the snow was just orgasmic...

Later, H.G.
- Harvest gig -

Attention! - There will be another Harvest gig at the WAKUUM!

We'll share the stage with Klynt.

Saturday, February 5th, 21:00 at the Wakuum (Hans Sachs Gasse)

Entry will be only 2€ since it's a private club and that's the membership fee...
Beer's only 2€ too!!!

See ya there!

Later, H.G.
 - cablecam -

This is my newest project....   a remote controlled cable cam - version 1.2

I'll post some video material soon!

Later, H.G.