- Powder at Tauplitz - 

 The last two days me and my girlfriend Hannah had the chance to drive up to my favorite ski area in upper Styria - the Tauplitz. This is a small resort, which is nice because it's not as expensive as the bigger ones, but still offers a quite big back-country skiing area.
The first day was great. The weather was bad (windy, cold and snowy) but we love that kind of weather. No people means no powder you have to share. ;)  The snow was deep and light - just like everybody loves it.

On the second day the weather was much "better". It was sunny and warm - a bad thing for the snow. This time it was wet and heavy. The conditions were quite dangerous because of the fresh snow that had fallen with lots of wind. (Avalanche grade 4) Some people still didn't respect that. We saw three avalanches going off in the first 2 hours of skiing... Luckily nobody was buried.
This day the group was bigger because my mum, my brother, my cousin and some friends came up for a day of powder. Due to respect of the dangerous conditions we decided to stay off the steep slopes and found some smaller and not as steep ones. We also found a nice kicker some people had build a couple days before. Usually I'm not a fan of "big" jumps, but this one landed in soft powder.

Thanks to Raffi for taking pictures of me at the kicker!

Anyway... here are some second day pictures (Didn't take the camera with me on the first day - which was a good thing!!)







picture by Raffael Falk

picture by Raffael Falk




Later, H.G.