Older Stuff Part II
- Reiner's films -
Film about kayaking in Russia's altai mountains in 2009:

Spring 09

Untertalbach - my favorite creek in Styria

HomeSweetHome - film about kayaking in Austria

Later, H.G.

Older Stuff Part I

 - Spring 2009 - kayaking and climbing in Corsica

Later, H.G.


After following several blogs for some time I decided it's time to start my own. The purpose of this blog is to release pictures, videos and other stuff that might be interesting. I think it's sad, if this material gets lost somewhere on the computer. Because of that I'll try to put some of it up here.

There is different stuff I'm thinking of uploading...

In 2008 I discovered my interests in photography and bought myself a used DSLR camera. Photographs will be the major part of this blog. I'm not going to write long stories, I'll just show pictures.

In 2003 my brother Reiner started making kayaking films. I'll put those up here too, if he's alright with that... ;)

Other than that I might load up some of my university-projects, some of the music my band makes or anything else that seems worth it.

To start this blog off I'll put up some older videos and pictures. Later on I'll try to keep this blog as updated as possible. ;)

Have a nice christmas time!

Later, H.G.