- Isel gorge -

Reiner just uploaded a little video about the famous Isel - gorge.
Have a look. Unfortunately I couldn't join the group that weekend....

Home, Sweet Home - Herbstzeit - Kayking the Isel gorge/Osttirol from Reiner Glanz on Vimeo.

Later, H.G.
 - Harvest Gig - 

First of all - Thanks to everybody, who supported us yesterday by showing up and rock out!
Special thanks to Basti, for shooting some pics of us!

Deasel Weasel 


Again, thanks for supporting us! Also thanks to Fluid Mind, Deasel Weasel and Synrg for sharing stage with us!
Well, that's a lot of thanks...

Later, H.G.
 - GIG!!! -

There's going to be Harvest of the Fall concert, Friday the 5th of November. We are going to share the stage with Fluent Mind, Deasel Weasel and Synrg. I think those bands are well worth seeing!!

This event is organized by ourselves, so you can really support us, if you come by!!

For presale tickets, contact me!

See you there!
And also stay tuned for another concert announcement soon!

Later, H.G.
 - colors of the fall - 

Saturday was a ugly day in Graz. It was extremely foggy and wet weather. After Hannah had finished at work we decided take a look, if we could catch some sun on the Schöckl - a nearby mountain.

The late afternoon light combined with the fog made for awesome colors...

 Came to the top of the hike - 50 meters below the point where I took this picture there was absolutely no sight of the sun. And it was about 10°C colder...

Back into the heavy bank of fog...

Later, H.G.
 - Falling into water - 

Last week Basti and I were extremely bored, so we decided to photograph things falling into water.
See yourself...

Later, H.G.
 - Harvest gig this Friday - 

We just received the message: Special guest at the Mega orges Rock Festl is Harvest! - Hey, that's us! ;)

See you there!
Later, H.G.
 - Harvest Pictures - 

Today I got some pictures Julius Steinhauser shot at our gig a few weeks ago.
Take a look!

Thanks again to Julius for shooting this images!!
By the way, the next Harvest gig is going to be announced very soon. ;)

Later, H.G.
 - a little photoshop - take II -

Hey people,

I was really bored today - nothing to do, so I decided to make sequences of the two waterfalls on the Deffereggenbach. Since my cousin Basti showed me how to work with masks, this isn't really hard to do....

Anyway, I love tho upper Deffereggenbach waterfalls...

Here are the sequences!

All pictures taken by Hannah Bobik - Dankeschön!

Later, H.G.
 - One week of biking, hiking and kayaking in Osttirol - 

I just came home after spending a week in Osttirol. This might be the most beautiful part of Austria... But that's just my opinion. Although Osttirol isn't really big it offers many rivers to kayak, has huge mountains and the possibilities for mountain-bike rides is almost unlimited.

We first drove up the Deffereggen creek to start the vacation with a bike tour to the very end of this amazing valley.

After that I had to take a look at the waterfalls of the upper Deffereggen Creek aka Schwarzbach. Since there had been a thunderstorm the night before it was to high. There weren't any other kayakers I could have joined anyway... I decided to to a solo run of the lower Isel instead - This is a fun big water run, that starts with big waves and holes and mellows out to the end.

Foto von Hannah Bobik

The next day we hiked up the upper Isel to visit the Umball - waterfalls. The first picture shows a little waterfall on a tributary creek. This was the second time I visited the falls, but the first time we hiked up to the upper Falls, shown in the second picture.

In the afternoon I called up Stefan Kinner, who lives to Osttirol. We decided to run the Waterfalls of the Deffereggen - creek in the evening. By the way, this is my turn on stand up paddling.

Picture by Hannah Bobik

The flows were still high. We both decided to chicken out on the first drop and portaged the entry. But everything else was good to go.

Foto von Hannah Bobik

Foto von Hannah Bobik

Foto von Hannah Bobik

Foto von Hannah Bobik

The next day we did another bike tour near the Großglockner. This is the Seebach - valley. They wanted to dam this amazing place 30 years ago. Luckily that didn't happen.

This are some pictures from the Staller Sattel in the evening.

View at he Großvenediger from the Tauernbach valley. This was the last bike tour we did.

We spend the last day to drive up to Salzburg and visit the Untersulzbach waterfall  and the famous Krimmler waterfalls.

The Krimmler waterfalls...

Now, after 5 hot hours in the car we are back home... Monday I have to work... that sucks...

Later, H.G.