- Corsica 2011 -

 Hey! Last Friday we came back home from Corsica where we spend 10 days. Like always Corsica didn't disappoint. I love the landscape, the food, the people and of course the kayaking. Due to the lack of snow, could temperatures at night and no rain the water levels were rally low, but fortunately some creeks were still runnable. Thanks to Alex, Sanne, Pascal and Arnd for letting me join them on the rivers!

I only took my still camera with me on the Rizzanese, because i focused on filming with my gopro this year. There will be a videoclip soon.

Here are some photographs, check them out!

Looks like a lot of snow, but it's not

This was the last year for running th Rizzanese, because of the dam, thats almost finished... Loosing this creek makes me really sad and angry at the same time. At least I was able to run the middle section one more time. And I had my personal first and unfortunately last decent of the Peschelschreck aka bridge drop. Standing at the lip for the 5th time in 3 years it was the first time with a good feeling about runnning it in my stomach. The feeling after stomping the line was even better and made me kinda high!

Photo by Suzanne Spölminck - Thanks again for taking the picture!!

Alex styling the 10m drop

Pascal Schaffner - big boof on the same drop

 Sanne - 10m drop again

The dam - I think I need to get some C4 next year..


After visiting Corte we had two days of rain, not enough rain to make the rivers go up - We spend some time relaxing and decided to drive south to Bonifacio.

Cooking some fish

Enjoying the sunniest place available

Our new car proved to be the perfect vacation vehicle 

We'll be back next year, although it makes me sad one of the most beautiful rivers will be lost until then...

 I will be editing a little video, I guess it will take some time, because I also have to finish my thesis.

Later, H.G.

- Corsica again -

It's April and as every year it's the time to head to the  Ile de BeautĂ©. We will leave this Saturday for two weeks of creeking, biking and enjoying delicious food. - After three months of continuous working on my thesis this is a rescuing break from work. It's also the first trip with our new car... Can't wait for it!

Here's a little appetizer

Later, H.G.