Corsica - Ile de Beaute - Easter Sessions Part deux

After a week of shredding in Finale Ligure I decided to pic up Manuel Köhler in Nizza and take the ferry to Bastia. Like  pretty much every easter, a trip to Corsica marks the end of our powder weekends and gets us started into our kayaking season. Corsica is a beautiful island that features a mix of mountains and the sea and many low volume creeks. As always camping out at the beach or in the mountains with good wine and cheese and spending "after-paddle-hottub-sessions" at the Thermas (Caldanes) are a big part of what makes this start into the season a very special one. 

Col di Vergio (1470m)

The mix of sandy beaches and cold (very cold this year) mountains makes spring on Corsica very special. Think of bringing my touring skis every time I see the snowy mountains in the northern part of the island.

Manu enjoying the beach and the view near Aleria

This year we spend only 5 paddling days but got happy as we had pretty good levels on most of the rivers. The Vecchio, Fium Orbo, Travo, Tavignano, Taravo and the Liamone made us smile and enjoy life in the water.

The following are pics of the Fium Orbo that saw some personal first descents which is pretty special since I ran this river countless times before.

Manu on the entrance rapid to the first gorge of the Fium Orbo - Good idea
to have some safety ready if something goes wrong (pics by Sonja Schweighofer)

The upper gorge of the Fium Orbo consists of 4 drops that are all runable but at least two are a little bit sketchy. First time that we ran all four drops on the same run...

Manu and Mandi enjoying the famous "Rocket"

The big pool after the third drop
After this follows the last drop of the mini gorge, Check out the video of Manu below if you are interested. He cut a little GoPro video of our week. Enjoy... 
(make sure to set the quality on HD)

Better don`t swich to summer tires before you go to Corsica at easter ;) Funny things
happening on the road this morning.......

This year Manu Köhler, Mandi Stich and Sonja Schweighofer (thank u for the pictures!) spend some quality time on the island. I am especially happy about having Mandi back at my side at some kayaking adventures.  

Did I mention the importance of camping and views ;) !?

So, the season has started for us, my foot doesn`t really bother me anymore, 
let the games begin!!!!

as always a big thanks to Liquidlogic Kayaks, Alpin Action, Sweet Protection, Kokatat and Hf Safety for the support!

cheers, re