- 2012 review -

There's nothing more exciting, beautiful and breathtaking than new life. Being a father gives me the wonderful opportunity to be part of the development of a new life. My son Moritz was born on April 27th 2012.

Hold on!

Moritz taking a nap... Life is exhausting (2weeks old)

Time flies by way too fast. Moritz is 8 months old now. Those 8 months where intense at times - intense in a very good way. By the way... check out INNOCAD (A great group of people to work with and another reason, why 2012 has been full-on)

Here are some random photographs that I took this year:

January 2012

Searching the powder - March 2012

Kayaking is on - Enns - Styria

It's summer in la palud sur verdon

My mother makes a long dream come true and runs the grand canyon du verdon with us!

Ali in the heart of the gorge - imbut

Ubaye - Photo by Almuth Rabitsch

Gyr - Photo by Helga Glanz

Soca Valley - Hannah and Moritz on the trail to Slap Kozjak

Slap Kozjak

The boys enjoying the soca gorge on their second run in late fall. I won't ever forget this day. A hole as big as my car (VW t5) made me swim in a bad place after fucking up the line. I got lucky and only lost my paddle.

The little fella waiting for the snow

December 31st - Last day of 2012 in Pichl - Styria

I wish everybody a happy new year. It's going to be a good one!

Later, H.G.