- Graz freestyle competition -

Yesterday there was the annual Graz "Rodeo". This is the only freestyle competition I participate every year. I usually don't do much freestyle kayaking, but it's in my home town and I can't miss this one. Anyway, not that I had higher expectations - I dropped out after prelims and took the 15th place... Not bad but also no good at all. ;)

I had to leave before the competition was finished but I think Peter Csonka won it. He was absoltly ripping the wave!! I'll post the results soon.


Here are some pictures:


Like last year there was a "Pappbootrennen". People could build there own boats from cardboard and run down 200 meters of the river. This event is really fun to watch.

After that the competition continued with the finals.

Riders are getting ready for the second run of the mens finals

I'm looking forward to next years competition - I can think of many better ways to spend 15 Euros than participate in a freestyle event - but hey, it's my home town - I have to join the party!

Later, H.G.