RollingStones - Kanonenhalle Landeszeughaus Graz

Now it’s official.
The Kanonenhalle at the Landeszeughaus Graz (armoury of the city of Graz) is completed and is accessible to the public now.  At a press conference on Friday 22nd of March, 2013 the Cannon Hall was presented and officially opened.

INNOCAD and its multidisciplinary team, consisting of architects, fashion and product designers, sound and media designers, won the Graz Armoury “Kanonenhalle” competition. The task of creating a new information centre for Graz Tourismus and, in synergy with this, an attractive entrance to the Provincial Armoury called for an approach transcending architecture alone. The result is a consistent corporate identity combining architecture, media and merchandising aspects. The “Murnockerl” (cobblestone) is the basic building block of the concept, being a contextual link, a metaphor, corporate symbol and form-giving element in one.

RollingStones from GBP Productions on Vimeo.

©INNOCAD architecture,
client: universalmuseum joanneum gmbh
project: kanonenhalle, graz, austria, 2013
light installation: kmkg studio
timelapse video&edit: harald glanz
music: nick warren, back to mine, warmth reheated

thanks to:
steirerhaus gmbh, metallbau trummer gmbh, haring&marx, malerwerkstatt gerold ulrich
xtec gmbh, xal gmbh, thier gmbh, elektro pfund gmbh

- amKAI timelapse video -

amkai - architectural timelapse from GBP Productions on Vimeo.
project: amkai, wartingergasse 46, 8010 graz, austria, 2009
architecture: INNOCADarchitecture,
timelapse video&edit: eva lesjak&harald glanz,
music: marrakech under moon, the black album - allal