Hey girls & boyz,
since we`ve missed out on Norway the last decade or so, I decided I have things to make up for...
so again like 2011 we packed the bus and went of to the promised land. This time we started in  the south, headed to Voss and went back down. So it was 13 days, 13 rivers, splendid waterlevels and perfect weather...
Hope you enjoy the pictures. Video will follow shortly (Frei nach der Schottermizi...)

MCRobär, Matthi, Luke, Schürgold, Reinald, Lorli & Calimero

Goyst, Rider: Reiner Glanz, Pic: Jürgen Maier

Homerun, Mar, R: Lukas Seitner, P: Jürgen

 R: Reiner, P: Jürgen

Brandseth, R: Jürgen, P: Reiner                                                            P: Jürgen

R: Lorenz Holzer, P: Reiner

 Morning Glory, Raundalselvi, R: Reiner (oben), Lorenz & Daniel Egger, P: Jürgen

Trainsection, P: Jürgen

 Tysselva, R: Lorenz & Matthias Zeiner, P: Jürgen, Daniel 

Aurdola, R: Matthi, P: Jürgen

Aurdola, R: Reiner, Jürgen & Phillip Much, P: Jürgen, Reiner

Myrkdalselva, R: Lorenz, Reiner , Phillip, Jürgen, P: Matthi

Jordalselva, R: Reiner, P: Jürgen

For more visit, Daniel wrote a nice story :)

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mit waren auch Julian Mihe und Phil Much...

danke und aus,