Finale Ligure - Easter Sessions Parto Uno

2 beauties in the morning light

For the last two years our season started of with an easterly biking trip to Finale Ligure. Finale is a beautiful little village on the italian coast close to Genoa. Biking is the main but not the only reason to go there as there are dozends of osterias and gelaterias where u can spend your hard earned money ;)

Phillip Kaller and Benny Meier liking it a LOT on Isallo Extasy

the girlz Elli Dornisch and Florentina Gutsche do the same

Benny somehow flighs too fast

nice buttox, äh?

 The backcountrytrails presented themselves in very good condition. A big Thank You to the local guys who spend their time shaping the awesomeness of Nato Base, Isallo, Little Champery, Rollercoaster and many more...
For scenery and rocky terrain the Varigotti and Noli trails are a must go!
talking about views?

Phillip Kaller enjoying some of the "kitsch" on Wmn´s Downhill, Varigotti

so next year, eastertime same place? probably..... 
thanks to the group of Uschi & Gerhard Meier, Benni "my baby" Meier, Florentina Gutsche, Peter Neugebauer, Phillip Kaller & Elli Do for the beautiful time!