Middle Kings - "The Middle Four"

Day two was supposedly the easiest day on the river. Our goal was it to paddle to Tehipite Valley or even further, to maybe start with the Bottom Nine and paddle out the next day. As things turned out it was pretty challenging for Manu and myself. Rok and Darin were leading and bombing so we followed which turned out to be pretty stressful in a few rapids. We didn`t take any pictures that day so the only footage I have is some Gopro video...

The biggest slide we portaged that day was "The Big Bad Beaver". A true norwegian kind of monsterslide, in the middle of nowhere with a tight entrance line and a big exit... None of us was eager to test our skills on that...

the Beaver
As we made our way into the valley paddling got easier and views were just amazing. 

amazing views left and right

first views of Tehipite Dome

We made it to the camping spot at Tehipite Dome at noon, and then decided to spend the afternoon and the night since camping on the "Bottom Nine" appearently is not very good and we were very fast in schedule anyways. It would have only made sence to keep going if we would have liked to finish the next day.

the team -Manu, Darin, myself, Rok

a Rattlebaby - the only one we saw thankfully
thats a dome!!
Camp two
We all went to bed a little nervous, first myself beeing kinda scared of the snakes and knowing the next morning would start with the "Bottom Nine", supposedly the harderst part of the river...

coming up - "the Bottom Nine"

cheers, re