Going South

The Soca river was the next stop on our tour in and around Austria. This river is famous around the world not only for the pristine water and the diverse whitewater of all difficulties but its also know for the beautiful surrounding valley and awesome food. Generally speaking - good times! After Reiner and the guys had driven over the GroƟglockner pass road and I had picked up my wife in Villach we all met up again at camp Lazar in Kobarid.

GroƟglockner road - Photo: Reiner Glanz

We spend the next days running many different sections of the Soca and doing laps on the infamous cataract gorge. To make it short, this river is one of the best in the alps. 

Reiner and Jim at Soca cateract

Soca cateract gorge - Photo: Daniel Brasuell

After two laid-back days in Slovenia we checked the gauges again and decided to do a quick switchover to eastern Tyrol. We had our eyes on a section that is usually only run in late fall with low water - the Isel gorge. Although the last days had already been warmer in the valleys they still had been quite cold higher up. Since the Isel comes from high mountains it had only risen very little to a perfect level for the gorge.

This section is quite special. It’s a short one distance wise, but it contains some must run rapids, two portages with repels and a barely scoutable, unportagable exit slide/fall that drops about 10 meters. 

Jim boofs the first one of Isel gorge

Reiner follows

Exciting whitewater between vertical walls

first rappel, some people jump here...

Daniel on the rappel
Daniel below the second rappel

Harald entering the big exit drop

Reiner follows

Jim on the same

same drop, different view - Photo: Reiner Glanz

We took advantage of the low levels again on the next day and got on the Prosegg gorge of the Tauernbach - another run that is usually done in fall. Nice whitewater with some must runs here and there and some fun boogie in-between. Don’t miss the takeout since it drops into some unrunnable gnar, thats very difficult to portage on river level!

One of the must runs on Tauernbach

After these seldom run specials we showed our American friends some classics of eastern Tyrol - Defereggenbach (Schwarzach) waterfalls, Tunnel-run and the Isel cataract.

Jim runs the first waterfall on Defereggenbach

Fly! - Photo: Reiner Glanz

Photo: Reiner Glanz

Jim on the second falls - Photo: Reiner Glanz

Same from below

Isel valley, another day ends

Paul enjoys the moment

The first week of boating together came to an end and Reiner had to leave the group to go home with his wife Ali who had joined us three days earlier to work. The rest of the group continued on to Italy. 

This are Daniels videos about this part of the trip: 

Check them out!

South Tyrol is next!