Norway Part 03 - Sjoa

Our intend was to end the trip in the Sjoa region. As flows kept getting higher every day, the first thing we wanted to run was the Store Ula, before it would be too high. Paul Gamache joined the group for the day and we had a really good time doing laps on the slides. At high water, the slides look intimidating at first, but running it, I realized that it put's you just in the right places at the right time. Good times!

Another Norwegian fjell - Photo: Daniel Brasuell

Diane rocking the Store Ula slides

Will on the same set

Daniel Steward following Will

Daniel Brasuell on lap numberidon'tknow...

The pillow hole looks so big, but is so fun to skip over!

Diane running the last slide/fall - the most serious of the slides. This one actually gets a bit tricky with high water.

Will on the same

Unfortunately high water on the Store Ula also means, that the beautiful falls at the end of the run get very continuous and dangerous. Nobody wanted to run the 4th falls on accident, so we left the falls alone.

Moritz enjoys Swedish literature in Norway.

The weather had already been quite warm for some days, but the next days it actually got hot. I don't have to mention what that did to the flows. We spend the last days running sections on the Sjoa, the Hunderfossen run on the Lagen and the Frya. Joining us on the last three days were Reiner and Lorenz who had just started their Norway trip. 

Somewhere on the Sjoa - Photo: Daniel Brasuell

Sjoa playrun - Photo: Daniel Brasuell
Lagen Hunderfossen at roughly 2000m3 - Like paddling on rough sea - scary but fun!

Scouting big one on the Lagen - Photo: Daniel Brasuell

We spend a day in Oslo waiting for the flights home.
I think the trip was ok! ;)

Check out Daniels third Norway video - Sjoa

Thanks to Hannah for trusting me that going to Norway with Moritz would be a good idea because the weather is going to be fine! :)
Thanks to Diane, Daniel B, Daniel S, and Will for the safe and awesome trip!
And thanks to Paul and Amanda for letting us crash at their place and for all the good meals!

Norway Part 04 will be Reiner's trip report. He had over a month up there, so I'm sure there will be lot's of stuff to show. ;)