- Norway 2011 -

Last week we returned from our three week trip to Norway. It is just an amazing country. The landscapes are stunning, great free camping thanks to the "Allemansrecht", lots of creeks and friendly people. This has been my first time in Norway and I had been looking forward to it for a long time. People had told me about the bad weather and mosquitoes - which proved to be wrong... The weather was variable but better than expected and the mosquitoes....  well, they sucked... literally.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

On the way

After visiting Gothenburg we stopped in Oslo for about 12 minutes to take a look at the new opera

Amazing Architekture

Reiner couldn't come with us for the first of the three weeks because he had to work. He followed us later by plane and train. Hannah, Ali and I decided to go mountain-biking near Hemsedal - a well known skiing and mountain-biking location. When we got there the weather didn't look that good. After a little hike we chose to continue going west - where the weather was better.

Climbing a little hill near Hemsedal

Better weather in the west - Borgund Stavkirke (1100)

Going through the words longest tunnel (for cars)

Where are the fish? - Photo by Hannah Bobik

After we spend some time northwest of Voss we decided to visit the Hardangerfjord and the famous Voringsfoss - a 180m high waterfall that drops into a 300m deep gorge.

Crossing a fjord

Nice slide - but not enough water

The day before picking up my brother Reiner at the train station in Voss we did a little sightseeing in Bergen.


Random Bergen shot

Back in Voss I managed to drive the car into the mud. Thankfully there were some really friendly Norwegian workers with a tractor just 200 Meters away. They pulled the car back out for some beer... Thanks!!

  Photo by Hannah Bobik

 Photo by Hannah Bobik

After Reiner had arrived the paddling began. We ran the Urdlandselvi at low water and the playrun section of the Raundalselvi with a good waterlevel. Unfortunately there are no pictures because the weather didn't look good at first and I didn't take my camera with me. Next we did a little park and huck at the moneydrop.

Reiner at moneydrop - Photo by Ali Rabitsch

Me running moneydrop - Photo by Ali Rabitsch

Rain closing in near the Brandsetelvi

Nice slide at the normal put in

Unfortunately I suffered a bruised a rip and a torn muscle fiber during running the Brandsetelvi. So for the rest of the vacation I couldn't go creeking anymore. Anyways, one more reason to come back to Norway next year!

After a quick visit at the local doctors office to get some painkillers we drove up north to meet up with Alex Keller and Suzanne Spölminck. 

Nice camping spot near Supphellebreen

Supphellebreen in the morning

Photo by Reiner Glanz

Geirangerfjord - way to many tourists - but still a nice place

Great camping spot near Valldal

Reiner and Ali running the lower Valldalselva


Alex Keller running one of the early drops of the Stordalselva

Reiner - same drop

Reiner dropping into the must - run of the Stordalselva

Alex Keller

Suzanne enjoying a secret spot

Near the Trollstigen

Basejumpers near Andalsnes

Alex running a drop of the Ulvaa - Photo by Reiner Glanz

 Photo by Reiner Glanz

 Photo by Reiner Glanz

Suzanne running a nice slide on the Ulvaa - Photo by Reiner Glanz

Scenic take out - Photo by Reiner Glanz

Entrance drop to "little Hucka" - Rauma at low water

Reiner Glanz - "little Hucka"

 Photo by Reiner Glanz

 Photo by Suzanne Spölminck

First slide of the upper Jori

Suzanne finishing the slide

 Photo by Reiner Glanz


 Photo by Reiner Glanz

Beautiful put in of the Store Ula

Yeah! - Photo by Reiner Glanz

Max Eberl getting airborn

Nice sundown near snoheim - Photo by Reiner Glanz

Ridderspranget of the Sjoa river

Reiner running the Amot gorge, Sjoa

After three weeks of fine white water, fine people and amazing landscapes we had to go home. Although the trip didn't go as planned for me personally, I still enjoyed it. Three weeks after hurting myself I can actually laugh again without having pain. ;) One thing that I can say is: I will be back!

Later, H.G.